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Overcoming The Holiday Blues

Overcoming The Holiday Blues

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The holiday season can bring excitement, adventure, and much social time. Moving on after the holidays and finding our routine again can be challenging and feel trying on our mental health.

The post-holiday syndrome is a real feeling. All that downtime or busy social activity can leave us on a high, feeling elated and tired but full of contentment.

How to find your groove again

Finding your everyday groove can take time while we try to overcome the feelings of wistfulness from the summer holiday bliss we get from travelling or just being out of your routine. Holidays help us recharge, restore and support us to re-set for better total well being.

Including regular holiday breaks help us to realign our minds to find the drive, motivation and newfound energy for better productivity in our lives. We should all make sure holidays are a definite feature in our life and wellness.

The seven tips for post-holiday blues recovery

1. Keeping up activities that nourish us. Including these in our week can help mood and bring about more inner content. Find what makes you thrive and feels good to you.

2. Including movement in nature, walking or running or whatever it is for you that works to release endorphins naturally. Helping you to feel good and acting as a natural energy boost.

3. Ensuring deep, restorative sleep each night. Aiming for 8-10 hours a night ensures you wake up feeling refreshed for the next day. Try Kiwiherb Sound Asleep or Kiwiherb Organic Kid’s Calm to help improve the quality of your sleep.

4. Finding something to do. Whether starting something new or getting back into your thing, it keeps up the excitement and brings feelings of contentment.

5. Keeping a diary can help us find out what things help make us happy and bring fulfilment, noting your daily emotions and what is the important stuff for you. Then ensure your week has some of that for you.

6. Re-set time. Holidays help because we get to recharge and reset ourselves. Finding time in your week to reset is vital for emotional and physical wellness. Blocking out time to relax and recharge is so important.

7. To support yourself during acute stress times, try Kiwiherb Calm Down. Formulated with two scientifically studied ingredients KSM-66 Ashwagandha® and L-Theanine, this product works within 20mins to help you find the clarity and inner calm you may need.


Moving on from fun holiday times is trying. With some top tips and new inspiration, our holidays can help to motivate us to move forward with renewed energy for everything ahead in the New Year and more.