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Winter Care For Little Ones

Winter Care For Little Ones

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You’ve heard the first cough, seen the first little sniffle, and need to jump into action to look after your child. What do you do? Parenting is all about first-line healthcare, and in these difficult times, effective home care for children’s colds is still essential. Simple tips and potent herbs can help to keep lungs clear and ease congestion.

Sleep and Rest:

Some children will still have plenty of energy while they’re unwell! Even if this is the case, keeping stimulation to a minimum and keeping your child home as much as possible is key for a speedy recovery. Offer lots of opportunities for quiet reading and playing- stock up on library books and invite your child to a crafty afternoon or deep Lego session.

Nourishing Nutrients:

Minimise refined sugar, fried foods and dairy products. Comfort food can come in the guise of organic chicken broths and soups stocked up with fresh garden herbs such as thyme, sage, rosemary and parsley. Maximise fresh fruit and veg, but don’t be too concerned if your child has less appetite than normal, let them be your guide.

Make it Easy:

Seek out some powerful herbal support that is easy for your child to take. Look for natural flavours and organic herbs, and choose one that they actually enjoy and ask for! This not only makes your job easier but also adds a comfort factor of them feeling positive about what they’re taking. The best remedies are the ones your child will be able to take! Kiwiherb Children’s Cough & Chest Syrup is naturally orange flavoured, and Kiwiherb Children's Organic Lung Clear Syrup offers a yummy natural strawberry flavour. These products are also Certified Organic with no added colours or preservatives.

Help Clear Congestion:

One of the great gifts of quality herbal remedies is clearing congestion, look for herbs traditionally used for easing coughs and clearing congestion from the respiratory tract. Hyssop and Horseradish are traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine for their ability to reduce the severity of common cold symptoms, helping expectoration and reducing bronchial mucus congestion. Thyme, Mullein and Marshmallow have a similar history of traditional use for cough relief. Kiwiherb Children’s Cough & Chest Syrup and Kiwiherb Children's Organic Lung Clear Syrup are ideal supports, as is Kiwiherb Herbal Cough & Chest Syrup which can be used by all the family.