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Botanical name: Inula helenium
Common name: Horse Heal, Velvet Dock
Part used: Root

Elecampane has a well documented history of use as both a food and medicine, primarily for respiratory complaints. In Britain the root was even prepared into a candy which was recommended for asthmatic complaints and as a protection against ‘bad air’.

Elecampane contains considerable amounts of volatile oils, these have the effect of relaxing the lungs, as well as being antiseptic, helping to kill any microbes causing infection. It is useful to aid a more productive cough, encouraging the expulsion of excess mucus from the lungs and promoting a more fluid mucous.  The high level of mucilage contained in this herb is also soothing for any irritation to the lining of the lungs.

The combination of relaxing and soothing the lungs, while also providing antiseptic and expectorant actions, makes this herb suitable for a wide range of coughs.

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