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Botanical name: Verbascum thapsus
Common name: Clown’s Lungwort, Torches, Jacob’s Staff, Our Ladies Flannel, Candlewick plant
Part used: Leaf

The flowers and leaves of Mullein have been used as healing remedies for centuries, with the dried leaves traditionally smoked to relieve irritation of the respiratory mucous membranes and asthma.

Mullein is invaluable for a wide range of problems in the respiratory tract including dry, hoarse coughs, as well as coughs associated with abundant discharge.  It helps ease a cough, aids mucus removal and soothese and heals irritated inflamed mucus membranes in the respiratory tract.

A number of studies have confirmed the anti-inflammatory action of Mullein, with a recent pharmacological study demonstrating antibacterial activity for extracts of Mullein against a variety of bacteria.

Kiwiherb products containing this herb: